Now Open for In-Person Classes!     No-Gi Classes Every Week-Night!


Fun-Jitsu Kids Program

Get your child off the couch and onto the mat today!  We offer age-appropriate classes for children 5 years old and up.  No long-term contracts.  No gimmicks.  Just Fun and Jiu Jitsu!

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No-Gi Submission Grappling

We offer classes every week night in No-Gi Submission Grappling — a new sport with a long history.  Like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the object is to submit your opponent using a variety of joint locks and chokes, or to win the match on points.  Unlike Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, competitors don’t wear the gi.  This limits the number and types of submissions and sweeps available, but increases the pace and excitement of training.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Come learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a clean, safe and family-friendly environment!  We offer classes for all ages and skill levels.  We have over 15 years of experience of training with some of the most recognizable names in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, including Master Renzo Gracie and Professor John Danaher.

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Meet our Instructors

  • Laird Anderson


  • Elias Anderson


  • Aubrey Rawlings


  • Kevin Kopecky


    Kevin received his Black Belt in August 2017 from Alan "Gumby" Marques, a third degree black belt under the legendary Ralph Gracie.  Through Jiu Jitsu and submission grappling, Kevin's goal is to provide people with a Way (道) that can effect positive change within their own lives and the lives of those around them. Kevin teaches morning classes from 6am to 8am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and No-Gi classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Meet Kevin
  • Gene Folgo


    Gene Folgo is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu first degree black belt under Marco Nascimento and Adilson "Bitta" Lima.

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  • Rich Jackson

    Owner & Head Instructor

    Rich trained for over 10 years with Master Renzo Gracie and Professor John Danaher at the world-famous "Blue Basement" at the Renzo Gracie NYC Academy.  He was awarded his black belt by Professor Alan "Gumby" Marques, who is a third degree black belt under the legendary Master Ralph Gracie.
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  • Samurai BJJ is a quality facility w/ world-class instruction led by Rich Jackson whose lineage traces back to Renzo Gracie in New York City. There are plenty of classes throughout the week to fit any schedule for somebody who wants to train.
  • Instructors are nothing short of fantastic. Both of my boys go. Very educated instructors and are amazing with children.
  • “I love the no gi classes, the instruction, and the workout. The facility is also great.”
  • “Clean facility with showers; Great instruction; fun training partners; great atmosphere.”
  • “I'm there training weekly for a reason - the instruction is top notch, and the atmosphere is friendly. ”
  • “Samurai is an amazing school! This is my first serious foray into any martial art, and I've had a blast so far. The instructors are very professional, but also very down to earth, casual, and friendly. This is a school that truly values people's experiences there, and wants everyone to grow and learn at a healthy and reasonable pace. In no way does that mean they aren't serious! The instructors are talented and experienced martial artists and Rich is a welcoming and fun instructor who has a lot of first hand experience to share. I would highly recommend this school!”